Frequently Asked Questions

How does the knowledge base system work?
This impressive knowledge base lays out hundreds of pages of information that compliments practice by enabling the practitioner to focus directly on the situation and clarify a way forward.

The information has been designed to provide knowledge with the intent of increasing understanding which prompts, triggers and organises thinking. Because the information has been developed in a hierarchical order, it facilitates people to fast track through the system by passing over sections that they don’t consider relevant to their current situation.

For example, within the casework system the six main stages on their own will help structure problematic situations into a logical sequence of operations. There is no need to ever get stuck again when dealing with complex issues because there are thousands of practical ideas and suggestions to help resolve situations in a constructive way.

The knowledge base facilitates action without detracting from the practitioner’s ability to make decisions. After all, the practitioners are the ones that know the most about the situation, including the people involved and what resources are available. What is really great about this system is that practitioners using it, absorb the knowledge, develop their skills and become more effective at achieving their goals.