Fast Access to knowledge is essential

A common problem facing hard pressed practitioners today is being able to access relevant information quickly. With time limited casework, there is often a narrow window of opportunity to provide effective help. If practitioners take time out to find the material, then very often the case will have moved on and the opportunity lost. Therefore, any resource that provides supportive information to help understand the problems, clarify the issues and suggest ways forward is extremely welcome.


It is clear that our profession will not experience positive change unless we make it happen. So this is a rare opportunity to invest in ourselves.  Therefore, we are calling all interested Social Care Workers whether training, practicing or retired to share ideas and expertise.


Together we can develop our own unique knowledge base which can be used to enhance practice which may also act as a catalyst to change our profession.   So make a contribution by passing on your knowledge and expertise, it would be good to hear from you.

Together we can change the future