Social Work Project Information

The nature of social work strives to promote change, solve problems and empower the individual to develop their full potential.  These are admirable qualities but do we apply the same objectives to our own profession?  By developing our own knowledge base for practitioners, we promote change within our profession, solve a long standing problem regarding a lack of information and empower ourselves to achieve our potential.  The simple fact is that effective knowledge underpins success and changes lives both for the client and the practitioner.


This is the first time an international knowledge base has been established for social care practitioners with the overall aim of devising a practical, ready to use resource that helps practitioners to be more effective when working through difficult situations or trying to achieve complex goals.


This impressive knowledge base lays out hundreds of pages of information that compliments practice by enabling the practitioner to focus directly on the situation and clarify a way forward.  The knowledge facilitates action without detracting from the practitioner’s ability to make decisions.  What is really great about this is that practitioners using the system develop their skills and become more effective at achieving their goals.