1. What is the Social Work Academy about?
2. How does the knowledge base system work?
3. Who is this knowledge base for?
4. Is the system easy to use?
5. Is the Social Work Academy affiliated with any other organisations?
6. Why is this resource so inexpensive in comparison to other associations?
7. What if I don’t like the resource?


1. What is the social work academy about?
The Social Work Academy provides an extensive range of ideas, suggestions, information, techniques and a unique collection of solutions that promotes a highly effective way of working.

The information is taken from a variety of sources including social work, health, psychology, management, psychiatry, in fact any area that facilitates practice. The overall aim has been to devise a practical, ready to use resource that helps practitioners to be more effective when working through difficult situations or trying to achieve complex goals.

We believe this resource is the first of its kind as we not aware of anything similar currently available in the world.

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2. How does the knowledge base system work?
This impressive knowledge base lays out hundreds of pages of information that compliments practice by enabling the practitioner to focus directly on the situation and clarify a way forward.

The information has been designed to provide knowledge with the intent of increasing understanding which prompts, triggers and organises thinking. Because the information has been developed in a hierarchical order, it facilitates people to fast track through the system by passing over sections that they don’t consider relevant to their situation.

For example, within the case management system the six main stages on their own will help structure problematic situations into a logical sequence of operations. There is no need to ever get stuck again when dealing with complex issues because there are thousands of practical ideas and suggestions to help resolve situations in a constructive way.

The knowledge base facilitates action without detracting from the practitioner’s ability to make decisions. After all, the practitioners are the ones that know the most about the situation, including the people involved and what resources are available. What is really great about this system is that practitioners using it absorb the knowledge, develop their skills and become more effective at achieving their goals.

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3. Who is the knowledge base for?
As this resource is created by practitioners for practitioners then it’s for any practitioner whether you are:

Field Social Workers
Mental Health Social Workers
Residential Care Workers
Education Social Workers
Probation Officers
Prison Welfare
Sexual Health Workers
Social policy Workers
Community Welfare Workers
Medical Social Workers
Forensic Social Workers
Military Social Workers

To be more specific, any like minded Social Care Workers who craves knowledge and want to improve their practice skills.

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4. Is the system easy to use?
“Yes” as you are well aware social care work is highly complex so we have endeavoured to designed the system to be as easy to understand as possible.

We have divided the knowledge base into different sections such as Skills, Tools, Communicate, Links, etc. Although the main Case Management System covers hundreds of pages the information has been organised into six progressive stages and the relevant information branches out from these six stages to provide more and more detail.

This makes it easy for practitioners to use the system on a dip in and out basis when following a particular line of thought relevant to their case.

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5. Is the Social Work Academy affiliated with any other organisations?
The Social Work Academy is independently run, it has no affiliations, there are no political agendas, it is not funded by any organisations, there are no loyalties to any associations or bias to any party. The only people we are dependent on, is you.

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6. Why is this resource so inexpensive in comparison to other associations?
To become a member of a social work association in most countries across the world can seem extremely expensive, costing between $70 to $270 per year and the sheer cost often precludes people from joining.

As a new resource the Academy wishes to encourage the involvement and participation of social workers. Therefore, the academy feels it’s not in the interest of practitioners to simply exclude social workers on the basis of cost.

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7. What if I don't like the resource?
This is a new and developing resource for practitioners by practitioners. If you are not entirely happy with the content then suggest how it can be improved.

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